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Pay Up Now - Volunteers Wanted

Friday, September 1, 2017

Urgent: For action by Monday 4 September

We are looking for good media case studies to support UNISON’s Pay Up Now campaign. We want to make sure health members are well represented in our media work.

To help this, and to make sure we get a wide range of people from different regions and occupations, we would like each of you to nominate someone you know.

We are looking for people who can confidentially tell their story on both radio and television. They need to be UNISON members with a substantive job in an NHS employer. We have also been advised that the media will be keen to feature women and black members. 

The story we want to tell is about the impact that the pay freeze has had on them and the services they work in. We are keen to give the message that the pay freeze has hit every group of NHS staff, so want examples from all pay bands if possible.  Examples of key messages could include:  

  • how the lack of a pay rise makes them feel undervalued/tempted to look for a different job
  • how difficult it is working when their service is struggling to fill vacant posts or cope with over work
  • any solid examples of cuts they have had to make to their spending – whether this is putting off spending on big things like replacing the car to struggling to pay regular bills to having to ask for help from family or friends

Can you please send your suggestions to along with each person’s occupation, employer, region, phone number and email address.

We can’t guarantee that everyone you suggest will be used as a case study, but we want as many options as possible to make sure if an opportunity comes up we can take it.

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