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- Michael Moore’s impassioned plea on UK healthcare reforms

Filmaker Michael Moore has given his backing to UNISON’s campaign against the Tory Health and Social Care Bill, warning that the changes are ‘absolutely the last thing you would want to do.”

In a passionate six minute tribute, the award-winning film-maker sounds warning bells over allowing private companies to dominate healthcare, as they are legally bound to generate the biggest possible profit for their shareholders. They only way then can do this is to provide less care, and what care they do provide, to do it as cheaply as possible.

He also warns that the wider social costs of healthcare reforms will be huge, pointing out that the biggest cause of bankruptcy and homelessness in the US is healthcare bills.

In his video of support, Michael Moore, says:

“Speaking as an American to you, and in terms of what I have witnessed, as someone who has experience of this private system that we have, this (privatisation) is the absolute last thing that you want to do."

“You can watch my film and see so many examples of what happens when you let the private companies rule the system. They have a responsibility to their shareholders, in fact they legally are required to do everything they can to make as much money as possible for their shareholders, and if they don’t they can be brought up on charges. The whole system is set up to motivate them to everyday to say; how can we make more money off the sick?

“The best way to make more money off the sick is to provide them with as little care as possible; because care costs money. The way we (private companies) get to keep our money and send them out as profits to our shareholders is to provide very little care, and what care we give, make sure we spend as little on it as possible.”

“You will rue the day that you let this happen. We have so many problems; a broken, rotten inhumane system. If you keep growing the gap between the rich and the poor in your country, you are going to end up with more of the social problems like we have, that you don’t have to the same extent. So if you don’t like the current crime rate in the UK, just wait till you have enough people bankrupted and broken because of healthcare bills.

“All I can do is really beg you. Keep the good system that you have. Make it better.”

UNISON General Secretary, Dave Prentis, said:

“This video is a rallying cry for anyone who cares about the NHS. You only have to watch a small clip of Michael Moore’s film Sicko to see the huge dangers that lie ahead in the Tories plans for our NHS. UNISON is campaigning hard to keep profits out of patient care. We firmly believe that the only basis by which people should get care is on the basis that they need it – not on their ability to pay for it.

“On Friday, all across the country health workers are taking action, as part of the TUC’s all together for the NHS. We are pleased to be able to add Michael’s powerful voice to the chorus of nurses, doctors, patients and community groups that are campaigning hard against Lansley’s plans.”

All Together for the NHS


All Together for the NHS Day - Friday 1st April
NHS that we know and love is under threat. The government plans to massively shake-up the NHS,

which has the potential to cause huge damage to patient care and waste vast sums of public money.

The plans will turn the NHS into a business where our taxes will increasingly pay for profit-driven companies to provide our healthcare. We must ensure that the NHS continues to be a public service that gives us quality services that are local, easy to access and free when we need them. To find out more go to

All Together for the NHS is a joint campaign co-ordinated by the TUC, bringing together unions and campaigners from across the health sector and working closely with other campaigners and patients groups to expose the dangers posed by the Health and Social Care Bill.
Friday, 1st April will be "All Together for the NHS day" with health workers and service users getting together to raise the profile of the issues and concerns relating to the Health & Social Care Bill, through events all over the country.  We want to see local activity including:

  • Lobbying MPs in local constituencies
  • Press stunts around the theme ‘Don’t be a fool’
  • Workplace meetings
  • Open public meetings about the reforms and cuts
  • Invitations to MPs to attend your meetings
  • Community meetings/stalls
  • Petitions

You can get involved through the following ways

False Economy will feature all the events, so if you are looking to find out what is happening in your local area then keep an eye on the site.


If you are organising an event please upload it onto the False Economy website  


The health unions working together on the campaign have agreed a set of simple messages that you might find useful in marshalling your arguments

If you are at work all day on 1st April or can’t take part in any organised activity you could one of the following:


If you need any support with campaign activities please contact your local branch and don't forget to let us know what you're planning.